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Sega is a type of indigenous musical form. Actually, it started among slaves of African origin, so it is conventionally believed to be of African origin. Moreover, according to some observers, there is no easily found equivalent in mainland Africa to the hip-swaying style of sega dancing, and to the musical instruments used (including the ravane, a piece of goatskin tightly drawn over a wooden hoop). Thus, sega could be more or less of mixed origin.

Sega comes in various forms. We can find the commercial variety sung in hotels, usually of a merry mood, the more politically involved sega engagé, with strong leftist overtones, and the rough-hewn sega typique, a traditional form of sega, which starts as a slow melody and little by little gathers speed. Modern creole music also includes the influence of ragamuffin, rap and mainstream pop styles. Some popular local groups in Mauritius are OSB (Othentik Street Brothers), Evolozik, Monastèr, Linzy, Cassiya, Zotsa,Tifrere, Jean Claude Gaspard, Claudio Veeraragoo, Mario Armel,

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