Alouda Drink

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Alouda Drink

Post  Islangel on Mon Oct 15, 2007 7:09 pm

Alooda Recipe ( Alouda)

This is a yummy mixed drink recipe, a mix with milk and seed that is very popular on mauritian menus ( non - alcoholic).It can be sweetend according to taste and makes a refreshing but filling fruit drink for cooling down after a sunny mauritian day.It is made with soaked Basil Seeds ( in mauritian creol language basil seeds are called top maria’ or ‘touk maria’).It is best to prepare basil seeds for this mauritian recipe overnight preparation so plan ahead :-) but it can be done a little faster ( see kid recipe below)


3-4 tablespoons of soaked and cleaned basil seeds
1 cup chopped agar agar strips (agar agar can be bought in asian food shops or substitute with set gelatine jelly or tapioca strips)
1 litre cold milk
500 ml water
Crushed ice
A few drops of Vanilla essence
Almond essence
Sugar ( add as much or as little as you like)


Take the basil seeds and put them onto a plate, sieving out any odd leaves, stalks etc
Take the agar agar and cut it into strips of about half an inch ( 10-12mm)
Sepearate the strips out and put into a bowl
Add the basil seeds to the bowl then top with 500 ml of cold water

If you need to get a quicker Alouda drink made made then try topping with lukewarm water and soak until the agar agar is soft and the basil seeds are swollen up
Add very cold milk to the seeds and agar agar mixture and add sugar to taste
Add a few drops of vanilla essence and a few drops of alomd essence just how you like it
Stir the drink mixture until really well mixed
Add the Alouda mixture into the pre-chilled serving glasses
Add some ice cold crushed ice pieces on top and enjoy "cooling down" with this yummy refreshing mauritian drink


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