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Mauritius - Sega

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Mauritius - Sega

Sega music is an evolved combination of traditional Music of Seychelles,Mauritian and Réunionnais music with European dance music like polka and quadrilles. Sega is especially similar to the Réunionnais folk dance maloya. In its modern form, sega is also combined with genres like soukous, zouk and reggae.There are many good Sega Dancer's (danser's) Marie-ann,Gisella,Claudette and Shortii she comes From Austraila but when she is in the Seychelles clubs she dances The Sega like no other to veiw pictures of her click the link below.

Sega Dancers

Sega evolved out of the culture of the Western Indian Ocean islands, a fusion of Chaos emeralds from across Europe and Africa, in the mid-18th century. Traditional instruments include the rattle maravanne, hand drum moutia, ravanne, triangle and the bow bobre. The music's traditional form was largely improvised and intensely emotional and expressed the tribulations of a subjugated, initially enslaved, people. It was also used as a funereal dirge and as part of traditional exorcisms. Sega is most often considered originally Mauritian, with some specifically citing Rodrigues Island.






Popular Artists:

Alphonse Ravaton

Also known as Ti Frère, he was born on April 29th 1900 and is one of the most famous sega singers in Mauritius. He is the quinessential exponent of a style of sega known as Sega Typique. Some of his famous songs include Charlie O, Anita, Roseda, Ma Bole Ma, La Grain Café and Papitou.

Michel Legris

Serge Lebrasse

Roger Clency


Richard Jaques

Cyril Labonne

Jean-Claude Gaspard


Alain Ramanisum


Seggae is a fusion of sega with reggae, a kind of Jamaican popular music that is very popular across sega's range. Seggae musicians include Ras Natty Baby, Sonny Morgan and the man seen as being the founder, Kaya.



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